Employment & HR

Protecting your business and employees

We offer a wide range of employment and HR legal services for companies small and large. Essentially solving and preventing problems they may encounter. We explain complex issues in non technical, clear and concise terms.

Unlike most legal services providers we like to pricing transparent and simple, therefore we charge by project rather an per hour. This includes all correspondence and document preparation, which can easily result in a significant amount from other legal services suppliers. So you don’t receive any surprises, just crystal clear legal and commercial advice for a crystal clear cost effective price.

Our services include the below, please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Employer Starter Pack

We can provide everything you need in order to start employing staff, keeping you company compliant and also outlining how employees are meant to behave within the workplace. This includes policies such as sickness, return to work and IT usage.


Offering both advice and documentation in regards to employee dismissal.

Subcontractors Agreements

If you work with subcontractors, making sure that what is expected by both parties is clear and your company is protected.

Restrictive Covenants

Adding clauses in employment contracts in order to protect your company in the case of an employee leaving. This includes keeping company secrets, restricting them from working in a certain industry, for certain companies or working with certain customers for a period of time.

Paternity Leave

Creating clear policies relating to paternity leave and advising on any issues relating to this.

Employment Rights

Creating clear policies relating to employee rights such as pensions and advising on any issues relating to this.

General Consultancy

General day to day advice and consultancy.

External Appeal Hearing

If there is only one owner in your business and an employee appeals from a dismissal etc, we provide someone external to listen to this appeal.

Settlement Agreements

Also know as compromise agreements, these are agreements resolving disputes often including a financial payment.


Company Select (UK) Ltd are an alternative legal services provider pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007 and are therefore unregulated. We do not engage in any reserved activity. However, we liaise with external providers to deliver a range of services. Please get in touch for more information.