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Protect your company from corporate identity theft

Companies House Web Filing

Our World Today is surrounded by what all business owners fear “Fraud”. When it comes to protecting your business, there is nothing worse knowing your limited company has been hijacked by unwanted fraudsters. Remember, Companies House or any government body will never request you send your authentication code.

By “Proofing” your limited companies, this protects your company from unauthorised changes to your records without your prior knowledge. It prevents people filing certain paper forms, including:

  • Changes to your registered office address
  • Changes to your officers (company directors, resignations or personal details)
  • Your annual confirmation statement

Fraudsters come in all shapes and sized and are known to hijack a company by changing the details of the company’s directors and registered office. This then leaves the company in a very vulnerable position to further fraud. Companies House deals with around 50 to 100 cases of corporate identity theft every month, so if you suspect any fraudulent activity against a company let us know immediately.